Monday, October 17, 2011

A visit to SMART-R site

Today, Eric and I visited SMART-R site. It is located in about 10 min. distance from S-Pol site by bike.
Here is an overview of the SMART-R site. The size of radar is smaller than that of S-PolKa radar. Although smaller, it covers more in vertical than S-PolKa by including higher elevation angles in their scans. There is no container, no lightening rod, and no toilet!
But we needed to pass fence with guard. The guard is sitting inside the small building.
The SMART-R is installed in a truck. When we visited SMART-R site, David from University of Miami and Jackson from Monash University were working there. David is wearing the 'DYNAMO t-shirt' and standing ahead of the truck.
Opposite side of the truck.

Jackson is giving a short introduction to the system to Eric inside the truck. Learning about radars is one of the reason why our trip to the Gan Island is so special for us!

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  1. Besides the elevation angles maybe you guys can explain some of the other differences between the radars? Or maybe one of the radar jocks would like to write something?