Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Getting Ready to Head Out

This is the first post from your loyal correspondent Eric Maloney. I am a faculty member in atmospheric science at Colorado State University, where I have been an Associate Professor for the last three years. The picture to the left shows my usual setting at a typical day at work. While I am a tropical meteorologist, as you can see, my work typically involves sitting in front of a computer screen in a land-locked midlatitude locale. People always ask me how I can possibly do tropical meteorology from a latitude near 40 degrees north (in addition to asking me what TV station I work for, or if I know Bill Gray). My response typically involves invocation of the wonders of technology (satellites, computer models, etc), but I always end with the lament that I have never done field work before, and wish that I could some day. Well, this is my first opportunity, and I am both excited and nervous about it. I will be leaving for Gan Island this coming Thursday October 13 to assist in DYNAMO. I will watch how observations of the tropical atmosphere are taken, assist in the taking such observations, aid in science discussions, and stay out of the way when my help isn't needed or wanted :). I hope to make regular posts in the Maldives to give the perspective of a modeler in the field, aiding in the endeavor also joined in this blog by my modeling colleagues Adam, Daehyun, Zhiming, and Shuguang. Now I need to get ready for that 36 hour travel experience starting Thursday!

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