Saturday, November 19, 2011


Today I offer you no hard science, but just photos of clouds. There are lots of different species on perpetual display out here on Addu Atoll where the sea is always very close and the view tends to be unobstructed for a long way. But I am most fascinated by the precipitating cumuli. It was a pretty calm day here today, but there have been isolated showers in the area, and here are pictures of some of them. I like the sunset shots the best, not just because they're pretty, but because the varying color and horizontal illumination highlights some features that are harder to make out when the sun is overhead. (Also, the only viewfinder on my camera is an LED screen which I can't make out at all in the very bright daytime sun here, so I can't really tell what is in the frame in midday.)
Nice anvil shape at the top of this one. Seems that rain is falling from quite high up on the right side.
What's the bright haze in the foreground center? Is it rain? It seems a little too light in shade, and also seems to extend well above cloud base, and unlike in the previous case it doesn't look to have anvil above it. Perhaps the perspective is misleading?
This one, to me, is classic. Gentle tropical shower over flat sea.

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