Monday, November 14, 2011

Adam in Addu

This is Adam, the latest member of our team to get to the Maldives. I got here on Sunday the 13th, and have been here about 36 hours. It's quite beautiful, as anyone reading this blog up to now has no doubt gathered. Already the weather has been very interesting, with heavy, prolonged rain my first night and morning despite the suppressed phase of the MJO. I'll write more about that shortly, but for now will just add another iteration on what is becoming our own little internet meme - modelers launching radiosondes. Like Eric a few weeks ago, I got to do this on a brief visit to the Maldivian Meteorological Service in Male, where I changed planes. Thanks Paul Ciesielki (Colorado State) for letting me do the launch, Sally McFarlane of DOE for the photography, and Axyz of MMS for the tour. I'll give the full time sequence of the launch so you at home can get the full effect.

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