Sunday, August 28, 2011

Over so fast

Irene became very asymmetrical as it came up here. Almost all the rain ended up being on the north side as the storm interacted with the frontal zone bounding the cooler air to the north and west. As a result we had lots of rain even early last night when the center was still south of DC, but it all seems just about over now (when the center has just not long ago passed through NYC). We slept through the highest winds, but they weren't all that high - there don't seem to have been any readings at any of the airports or Central Park much over 30mph. We went and took a walk in Riverside park just after the center went through. Not many big branches down, but plenty of water. Here are some photos. The ones down by the river were taken around 10 AM, which seemed to be just after high tide.
Upper level of the park in upper low 100s:
Above the tennis courts around 96th St.:
Tennis courts again; towards the left of the image you can see a line of trash indicating the high water mark:
The promenade was covered with jellyfish!
Cherry Walk, low 100s, promenade down by the river:
Benches on Riverside Drive:

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